Amazing Love of A Mother With Cancer to Her Daughter

This Mother’s expression of love before she leaves this earth as she battles cancer is all that’s needed for this post. I asked her for permission to write this.  This is the link to her offcial website:

and Cydar Verrier’s Twitter:

My name is Cydara Verrier and I am terminally ill.

​This website has been created for the love of my daughter, Taylor.

Breast Cancer has now spread to my brain and lungs and with 8 tumors spanning both hemispheres, I’ve been told to get my affairs in order. I was told that 5 years won’t happen for me and the medical profession don’t know how long I have so I won’t dwell on such things and I intend to ride this life until the wheels come off, but as you can imagine, this has been devastating. My concerns now are focused solely on my daughter, Taylor.

I don’t have much to leave her, but what I do have are my photographs.

Every photo sold on this site will be shipped to you free of worldwide delivery charges, but know that every penny you spend will go directly to my daughter for her future. As a single mother, I want her to know and feel loved long after I have gone. Know in your heart that you’ve done a wonderful thing for her and that I will be eternally grateful to you for your kindness. You will be giving Taylor a massive hug and after everything she’s had to endure, she deserves so much love. She has been a tower of strength and so very brave and she is my heart and soul. If you’ve known me on Twitter @Outofleftfield_ then you’ll already know and understand how close Taylor and I are. We’ve been the team to end all teams and, with your help, that will continue. You will also own my work and that comforts me greatly. So many set up direct charity sites for their own ends and that’s simply not me. That doesn’t sit well with me at all and I have no need for money now. I also have a product to provide. One that will live on long after me.

If you have any trouble navigating to the Photos pages via MAC or your phone, then please go straight here;

Photography has been my joy and every photo you see here has been edited without the usual gimmickry of Photoshop etc. I don’t like my photos to look too perfect. That’s not how I see the world. That’s why I’ve always avoided industry standard software. Why would I want to be like everyone else? I studied photography back in the days of film and every photo I produce has been hand edited, literally, using apps, often several. If a black and white photo has color in it, I’ve added it using my finger. Light and shade too. You see London as I see it in my mind’s eye and it is and will always be magical to me.

All of my prints come on the highest quality archival paper. I will add new photos to this site whenever I can, while I am able.

Please click on the ‘Photos’ pages to make your selections and, from the bottom of my heart…..Thank you.


​Cydara XXXX


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