CEO Dan Price Of Gravity Payments The Story That Should Be #1


Dan Price CEO of Gravity Payments

Dan Price CEO of Gravity Payments


It’s hard to understand how a story as great as the one from  CEO Dan Price founder of Gravity payments demoting himself  to a 70k salary from a 1 million dollar one. Just to allow his employees to have all of their salaries to 70K even the secretary. Is still not trending at number one.  Gravity Payments should have become the number one business. Dan Price deserves to be the top story.  Why isn’t the name Dan Price or his business Gravity Payments breaking the internet.  Wouldn’t it seem that since most low paid workers constantly talk about their dislike of the low minimum wage ( and rightly so) that somehow more and more people would be Face booking  writing, instagraming or tweeting the names Dan Price and Gravity  payments?  Why wouldn’t anyone not hope to get their employer to maybe considered giving half of this type of raise or feel a twinge of guilt from having such low salaried employees.  What Mr. Price did is so unheard of,  (this is still so very unbelievable to me) The unselfishness of an executive to care about employees, families.  One Magazine saw something special in Mr. Price long before we heard of the CEO’s selfless act. Dan Price was named Entrepreneur of 2014 by Entrepreneur Magazine Dated December 2014:  click on the link to read that story:

For the full story on the wonderful Mr. Price check out huffpost story:


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