The New “Popular” Redesigned Old Polaroid Instant Camera

Polaroid 660

Polaroid 660

I hope that I am not the only one that remembers this Polaroid 660 instant camera popular around the 2000’s (not absolute on the date). And if you remember there were several models that went even further back some models that you actually had to peel of the film and hope you didn’t peel it too soon:)). I’m saying this because I really had a chance to be amazed while shopping in Target today. I heard this really desperate debate with what appeared to be a preteen talking to her Mom. The amazing part was she told her Mom of this really amazing camera that actually printed out pictures. She could take pictures of her friends and get them right away and everyone was getting this camera that it was the best camera ever, her Mom wasn’t impressed, she said it sounded exactly like the old cameras her family had. (I had to smile) I couldn’t help but ask if they didn’t mind,  if they could tell me what kind of camera it was. The Preteen happily said it was by polaroid while the Mom had a none impressed look on her face. I thanked her and said I might go and take a look at it. Well I went to Target’s electronic section and I just had to share this. This is the new “Popular” camera that actually prints out pictures:

credit Target website

Polaroid 300 instant Camera $79.99

Well, Well, Well welcome back polaroid. Polaroid has done it again they’ve found away to get the newer generation to grasp on to instant printable pictures. Yes it’s in a new stylish shell.(I really like the look, I might get one for myself). I didn’t get to print out a picture but it did (not sure) appear to be a much smaller picture. I’m so excited about this new remake of the beloved instant Polaroid, well done Polaroid. Myself having a love of photography appreciates that finally this generation will start to use other electronics besides Cellphones and Mp3 players.(if music players are even used anymore) Maybe you have a younger one in your family that would appreciate this New (old to my generation) instant camera. Target’s price was $79.99 and came in black and blue a sales rep said they had pink once. I did check out Amazon and they had a Fuji instant 8 mini version that comes in pink, light blue and yellow (below):

Fuji instant camera 8 mini

Fuji instant camera 8 mini (credit Amazon site from  $69-$77


How fun to re-introduce this instant camera.  I hope some of you can find someone to share this with. I will update this when I actually get a chance to try one out.


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