Economy Fall Out Or Just An Angry Pizza Deliverer


Apparently not giving a tip to your pizza delivery guy is cause to have your door urinated on. That’s what happened to Chloe Teply when she didn’t give a tip to a (now) former Pizza Hut employee.    I always try to tip my pizza delivery person, waitress or whom ever has done a really great service.  But a person with a mature and open mind may take into consideration that there just might be a reason.  Let me list a few. (I’m sure some of you may have your own)

I just couldn’t spare it at that time( but if I couldn’t I would say next time I will double it)

Maybe the person had other things on their mind family problems…life.

Maybe someone gave them money to get a pizza and didn’t realize it wasn’t enough for a tip.

and my very last.

Maybe the person really didn’t do a great job of delivering very cold pizza, pizza smashed all around the carton, not the right order.  ( for some reason this guy might fit this catagory. I don’t know him so it’s only my opinion:).

I really don’t know what the reason but an adult this man should definitely considered maybe this person is having an economic crisis and just could a ford a treat for their family.

Take a look:

What’s your thoughts on this one.


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