Pittsburgh Clinic Killings No Hollywood Movie

Pittsburgh Shooting

If you live in Pittsburgh an stumbled upon what looks as if a hollywood movie crew setup, sadly it is no hollywood movie set.  Early Thursday morning a gunman opened fire inside  The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine psychiatric clinic in Pittsburgh, a shooting that left two people dead, including the gunman, and seven others injured, authorities said.

According to CNN  Mayor Luke Ravenstahl the gunman entered the door about 1:40 pm Thursday:

“This is a tragic day, a sad day, a senseless day,” Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said after the shooting at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.

City and hospital officials speaking at a Thursday evening press conference did not give the identity of the shooter, nor did they elaborate on what his motive might have been.

The assailant walked through the psychiatric hospital’s front door with a pair of semi-automatic handguns around 1:40 p.m., according to Ravenstahl.

Officers from the University of Pittsburgh police department arrived within “a matter of minutes” and “engaged” the gunman, the mayor added”http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/08/justice/pennsylvania-shooting/index.html

Gregory Bryant who was in the waiting room when the gunman entered explained how fear and panic broke out:

“We heard a bunch of yelling, some shooting, people yelling, ‘Hide! Hide!” he said. “Everyone’s yelling, ‘Stay down!”‘

Brant, 53, and six other people, including a young girl and her parents, barricaded themselves inside the waiting room. But he said they did not feel safe because there were doors with windows along adjacent walls.



“The way the room was arranged, if he (the gunman) had gone to either window and would have seen us in there, he could have done whatever he wanted,” Brant said.  For More http://tinyurl.com/6pvep85

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center being listed in the U.S. News and World Report ranks as being the nation’s eighth-best psychiatric hospital.

A sad morning for some Pittsburgh family’s.  Prayers for your families.



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