Why Pininterest May Be The Hottest New Site








I love PinInterest (even though I don’t have an invite yet).  It’s such a nice place to view other’s interest.  I browsed many an found something that really interest me so much that I actually the sites from which the pins came.

Pin interest I believe can be a wonderful tool for driving traffic.  Just myself using it I have and I know that I will continue to click on many of my interests.  I can’t resist a really cute dress, pair of shoes,  a delicious recipe and a beautiful pic with a great family story(my favorite).

Pininterst also makes you feel as if it’s your own little world.  You don’t have your pages over come with games and other’s interest.  If you want to know about others pininterest post can come to view their page you are not forced to look at what they have pinned. Your Pininterest page can even have a theme:)

I love the colorfulness of pininterest bright pics of faces, recipes, gardens.  I get a happy feeling when I visit Lol.  Most Pinner’s seem so upbeat.

The only thing that’s making me worry is the fact that I have read many Politicians are starting to use Pininterest.  I just hope it doesn’t turn it in to a much gloomier place.  Right now it’s such a wonderful site to visit.


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