Potty Mouth Baby Dolls Upsetting Parents

Toys-r-us Giggle Triplet’s ( have been causing a stir since they were thought to be saying what sounds like ” ok you crazy B—h” Toys-r-Us spokes person has came out saying they stand behind the. You & Me Interactive Play and Giggle Triplet Dolls (which have been sold exclusively at Toys-r-Us stores)  Take a look at some of the reaction, What do you think? Even though Toys-r-Us believes their Giggle Triplets are saying nothing but Babble.

If enough people have heard the babble and agree that the babble sounds much like potty language shouldn’t that be enough for Toys-r-Us to pull these dolls off the shelf? If its clear enough for so many to take it as potty language. Shouldn’t Toys-r-Us be concerned that little children will start repeating what many believe is an inappropriate word?  I would not purchase it for any child because of that very reason.  Take a look at the video you decide.



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