AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 2


Cast of the Walking Dead Season 2


I have to admit I haven’t been the biggest fan of zombies,  They all seem to have the same story funny looking unbelieveable dead people doing amazing things to get to those poor left behind souls.  I had one favorite “The Night of The Living Dead”  well the rest I kinda left to most everyone else.

I would go along just to go along but never getting in to the movie because I expected the same outcome.  But boy was I knocked off of my feet when I sat down to check out AMC’s new zombie series “The Walking Dead”

I can say I was reeled in by the many previews of the new series coming out ( maybe a little help from my son playing ” Left for Dead” zombie game on Xbox 360 lol.   My Mom instincts kicked in an I had to help my son excape the hords of zombies that were out for blood for the few left in Louisianna.)

Whatever the case may be I am hooked and I couldn’t wait for season 2.  So if you are a die hard zombie fan and some how you missed last season of “The Walking Dead” I invite you to tune in to AMC  Oct 16th at 9pm easterntime for season 2.

My family and I have just been waiting to get more of this exciting new series.  But I want to warn parents Very gory and Violent and meant for the mature, but it has an outstanding storyline (which is my main concern) and lots of action.

The new season has the same cast of characters and word that there will be a new couple on a farm joining the crew.  The really super news there will be many more episodes than the 6 we new fans had to linger on.  there are 13 juicy action packed episodes for season 2 (yippee) and for action figure collectors get this there are now  TWD action figures the characters were scaned for their up and coming reveal.

I hope to hear back from you, I definitely can’t wait to find out what you think of the first episode of Season 2:)

Trailer for season 2 take a peak thanks to comic con:)




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