Chicken Part Of The #1 Food Poisoner

Poultry? Food Poisoning

That’s right if you are a poultry lover.  I really am sad to say Chicken and it’s poultry counter parts have been named by Associate press as the #1 causers of food poisoning.  Apparently that summer grilling is being blamed for over 45 percent of the outbrakes.

AP Quote:

“In Thursday’s report, the CDC only counted instances in which one food — like grilled chicken — was clearly to blame. That was the case in about 45 percent of the outbreaks. Outbreaks involving multiple ingredients — like chicken salad — were not part of that accounting.”

Since poultry has become a big part of the healthier eating. It is probably the reason why it would seem to be the higher then most meats. 

Giving up poultry does not have to be an option there are ways to keep your poultry safe from samonella.  By using a meat themometer.  Here’s a very nice article and video by “Lowes” on grilling meats safely.

Lowes Youtube video:


“An estimated 87 million cases of food-borne illness occur in the United States each year, including 371,000 hospitalizations and 5,700 deaths, according to an Associated Press calculation that combines a CDC formula with recent population estimates.”

So by following safe preparation of poultry by washing an monitoring correctly.  You and your family should be safe.  And you don’t have to stop enjoying those summer backyard cook outs.

Happy and Safe Grilling!

Read more of the AP article:


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