Are There Any Original Thoughts To Design An Android?

LG android

Samsung androidWhite android

HTC vs iPhone

It’s time for me to get a new cellphone.  It’s hard because I love my Blackberry curve.  I’ve been searching and searching for a phone that I will be happy with because my phone is also an extention of my personality (I believe:) ).  So recently I’ve been really thinking about the Android phone.  I do love apps.

I own an Ipod touch.  But I do not like the iPhone it’s a bit plain for me as a phone. Many of my friends are trying to convince me that I need to get an Android phone so far Motorola, Htc and Samsung are a few that I have been told are really wonderful phones.  I’ve actually looked at VZ Droid incredible.  I do not like it.

I’ve looked at the Motorola Droid I do not like it.  Samsung moment seems a little nice to me but not my provider.  Why do I not like these phones you say.  It’s the same for them all.  They all seem to be Iphone knock offs.   Take a look at the photos I posted of the new Droids.

All the Droids seem to follow the same iPhone look.  An by far to me the Motorola Droid is the ugliest phone I’ve seen in my humble opinion.  What’s wrong with a little creativity or originality.   Droid sales would probably go thru the roof if someone one would just step out of the iphone look-alike box.

I really want to give them a try but I will continue to hold off until someone finally decides to be a little different and add a little pizazz to the android phone.  I’m really tired of that same iphone look.


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