Paramedics Took Bagel Break While Pregnant Woman Dies

Eutisha Rennix went into Cardiac Arrest After Paramedics Refused To Help Her.

Two Paramedics are making headlines that allegedly ignored to help a pregant woman as she collasped in the same Brooklyn coffee shop where they were buying bagels.

Apparently EMTs  Melisa Jackson and Jason Green didn’t think Eutisha Revee Rennix, 25 collasping was important enough to interupt their break. Even after the screams of Rennix’s co-workers who approached the two in line and were blown off.

The advise from EMTs Jackson and Green witnesses said 

Their cold advice: “Call 911,”  and was said to have left before other paramedics arived.

 This advise has probably now cost Jackson and Green their jobs and maybe even some jail time.

Because After Collapsing Eutisha Rennix died in on Dec 9.  Witnesses say Rennix was apparently suffering from a seizure and could not breathe.  Now officials and even the Mayor are showing their disgusted at how the EMTs disregarded the very thing that they stood for” saving lives”.

A new set of EMTs arrived at about 9:22 am Rennix was rushed to the a nearby hospital where she died at 10:17.  Her baby girl died after she was delivered 2 hours later.

Eutisha Rennix leaves behind her mother Cynthia and a 3-year-old named Jahleel

NBC video:
Read more:


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