Domestic Violence In The Tiger Woods Houshold?

Tiger Woods Domestic Issues?

Over the Thanksgiving holiday Tiger Woods made headlines after being in a minor car accident in his Windermere FL neighborhood.  Although it was considered minor alot of questions are being raised after it was reported that Tiger was unconcious for about 6 minutes.

Further questions are being raised because Tiger Wood’s crash was about 50 ft from his house, where most accidents are at least 25 miles from the home.   Tiger Woods was apparently leaving his home at about 2:25 a.m.

After the crash Elin Woods reported to police that she heard the crash from the house and had to break the back window with a golf club then drag her husband from the car.  

I myself am a little curious as to why Tiger Woods was leaving the home at 2 in the morning.  Why did he only seem to have cuts and bruises to his mouth.  Why would his Wife need to break out the back window with a golf club.  

It sorta seems like there was an argument or something before the crash. A story recently had been printed in a Tabloid Magazine with pictures of Tiger Woods having an affair. Could all of this have something to do with the story of  Tiger’s supposed affair?

 I wonder did Tiger Woods have those cuts and bruises before he left his home?  Was it really an attempt to get Tiger Woods out of the car when the window was smashed with a golf club? Could the golf club have been swung or thrown as the car was leaving the house? 

I think that if my back window was smashed I might have been a bit distracted and could possibly lose control.  He not only went forward and hit a firehidrant but went backwards and hit a neighbors tree.

Was he trying to get away from something? And now that Mr. and Mrs.  Tiger Woods won’t speak with authorities at all about the crash.  It is starting to seem that there is much more to this story than just a minor crash.

I also have questions that if  there is domestic violence will they also get the same treatment as Rihanna and Cris Brown.  Especially if the story comes out that the beautiful blond Elin Woods was the aggressor?

When Tiger Woods finally tells his side of the story maybe the questions can be answered.  I will continue to update this story.

To read the full story on Tiger Woods Crash Golf:,28136,1943293,00.html

Tiger Woods avoids third meeting with Police msnbc story:,-Woods-cancels-meeting-with-police?GT1=39002

Update: 12/1/09 Tiger Woods Fined No Charges:,-will-get-citation?GT1=39002

update 12/3/09 Tiger Wood’s Wife Elin renegotiates Prenup

Elin Woods has decided to call the shots now that Tiger has come clean publicly with his affair.  Elin has asked for 5 million up front in her very own bank account.  Also Mrs Elin Woods is asking for 55 million to pretend to be okay with everything for the next two years. 

Take that to the bank… oops… remove that from the bank for cheating Mr. Tiger Woods lol.

Yahoo sports:,206529


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