Mauled By Chimp:Charla Nash First Interview On Oprah.

Charla Nash Before

Charla Nash Before The Chimp Attack

Charla Nash Now

Charla Nash Now After The Chimp Attack











Charla Nash 55,  did her first interview today on the Oprah Winfrey show after she had been mauled on Febuary 16,2009  by her friend Sandra Herold’s, 70,  pet chimp Travis whom she had raised as her child.  Travis was eventually shot to death by police. 

 Charla Nash was mauled by her friends 200 lb chimp after she stepped out of her car  to assist her friend in getting the aggitated chimp back inside. Charla today still remains in the Cleveland Clinic where she’s been recovering for the past 9 months. 

Although Charla Nash says she doesn’t remember any part of the attack and doesn’t want to.  A really nerve pounding account of what she does remember about Travis always being scary: a quote from her Oprah interview : 

 “One time he was running around the yard and swinging off the trees of the house, and he jumped on my back and he pulled a big hunk of hair out of my head,” she says. “I had tears in my eyes and [Sandra] was laughing and I told her, ‘It hurts.'”

Charla says shes getting stronger and healthier everyday and what she misses most is spending time with her 17 year old daughter.  Charla says she wears a veil now so that she doesn’t scare others. And her message to others is that exotic animals shouldn’t be made pets and are very dangerous.  Authorities say that Travis the Chimp was believed to have had the Lyme Tic disease.

Nash is suing Sandra Herold for 50 million. 

To Read Her full Oprah interview:

To Read Charla Nash Story on chimp attack NYTimes News:


6 thoughts on “Mauled By Chimp:Charla Nash First Interview On Oprah.

  1. The damage done to Charla Nash is horrible. Anyone working with primates knows these animals or any exotic animal, do not make good pets and in fact can be very dangerous, be they primates or snakes. Under the CITES agreement, many countries ban the import/sale/exchange of exotic and endangered species for the pet trade. I’d like to know how Sandra Herold ever was permitted to have this animal in her home. Totally irresponsible on her part. What price can be put on restoring this womans health and life, NO PRICE.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for stopping by:) I can’t imagine what Mrs Nash’s family is going thru. It was such a horrific attack. I don’t think people knew as much about how exotic animals like chimps attack at the time Mrs. Herold had gotten her chimp. Back then I don’t think things were reported as much. I don’t know if you ever heard about “Christian the Lion” but these gentleman had purchased a Lion and he lived with them in their apartment until he had gotten so big and they felt they should give him a place to be free. I don’t know Mrs Herold personally. I think I would feel as if I would die had a pet of mine viciously attacked someone. I dont’ think she had realized how chimps could attack because she raised him from such a small chimp and treated him as her own from what authorities have said. And She tried stabbing him when he attacked. I believe Mrs Nash will suffer for the rest of her life and she should be compensated from mrs Herold. But as someone who loves animals as if they are family. To raise and animal as a child for so many years. I don’t think she could have imagined Travis ever attacking the way he had. I truly believe if she knew he could have been so vicious she would have gotten rid of him.
    Again thank you for commenting:)

  3. It really touched my heart to view Carla’s interview on the Oprah Show. To me Charla is a survivor and fighter. She is also one of God’s children and she was in the protective watch of the Lord. I know that she will recover because I have faith in her. She is very intelegent and keeps up with what is going on in the world. Charla also has courage to move on and she doesn’t dwell in the past . I was disturbed to see Charla as the one who was attacked by the chimp, but it teaches humanity a lesson to let the wild animals live in their own environment because it is taking a dangerous chance to bring them into a human being’s lifestyle in order to raise them as pets.

  4. In response to my comment: I hope Charla makes a great recovery to get her back to her abilities to the best. The state and the Chimp’s owners should be responsible for her finances to cover her bills, care, physical needs and personal needs for the rest of Charla’s life.

  5. Hi Monika Watkins,

    Thanks for visiting. I agree. What happened to Mrs Nash I believe should be compensated also. She has a rough road ahead of her for the rest of her life.

    And her lifeshould be made as easy as possible without any problems from Herold’s Attorney’s and who ever else might be held responsible.
    Thanks for commenting

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