Missing FLorida Baby Found Stuffed Underbed

Missing Florida Baby

Baby Shannon Dedrick Found Alive.

CHIPLEY, Fla. Shannon Dedrick the 7-month-old baby that had been missing for five days has been found alive. Authorities say the baby was alive and well hidden under her baby sitter’s bed.

Authorities plan to have charges brought against the baby sitter, Susan Elizabeth Baker’  , her husband, James Arthur Baker  and Baby Dedrick’s Mother, Chrystina Lynn Mercer .  Baby Dedrick was found at Susan Elizabeth Baker’s home, tucked under a bed in a box, items were placed arround the bed in order to try and hide the child.

The Baby Dedrick is now in protective custody.  After being found the baby was taken to the hospital.  Authorities say that it was very emotional at the hospital, Grown men were crying and calling their wives it was such a relief to have a missing case end like this.

Court documents released Wednesday showed their were allegations of child abuse less than two weeks after Baby Dedrick was born, that Florida welfare workers had begun looking into it.  

More information on the charges are planned to be relased on Thursday.

For More information on baby Dedricks story Yahoo News: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091105/ap_on_re_us/us_missing_florida_baby

Read More on Story Examiner.com Shannon Dedrick Parents Investigated After Her Birth:  http://www.examiner.com/x-1168-Crime-Examiner~y2009m11d5-Shannon-Dedricks-parents-investigated-shortly-after-her-birth


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