Former Motorola Exec. Ken Snell Shot Dead

Motorola Exec Ken snell

Home of Ken Snell former Motorola Exec. (photo mail online reporter)

Halloween night Neighbours in Norwich heard two loud bangs.  They were not aware that former Motorola Excutive Ken Snell and a unidentified woman were shot dead.  Neighbors had dismissd it as part of happenings when trick or treaters are out.  

About an hour later police were called to Mr. Snells bungalow.  Authorities are investigating if the shooting could be related to a love rift.  

Police have arrested and a 44-year old.  He is being questioned on the murders. Det Ch Insp Jes Fry, who is leading the inquiry believes people involved had known the couple .

Mr. Snell”s, who is wealthy and has 3 children, bungalow was worth about 250,000, had lived there after divorcing his wife Kathy,around 10 years ago


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