Facebook Saved Teen Planning Suicide


A 16 year-old-teen who posted suicide note on Facebook was saved after international, frantic race-against-time rescue.

The teen talked openly to an american friend about his plans on Facebooks social networking site.  The Oxford Teen morbid discussing started authorities from both sides trying to convey enough information to find exactly where the teen was located, before the teen could act on his plans.

 The morbid chat sparked a desperate scramble by five different authorities on both sides of the Atlantic to find where the boy lived, before it was too late.  The American friend who lived in Maryland  had no information on where the suicidal teen lived. 

 But her mother called police right away. Police then notified a White House Special Agent who contacted the Washington D.C British Embassy, who contacted the Metropoitan police in Thames Valley. The search was narrowed down to one of eight homes. 

 By the time the authorities arrived at the teens home. The parents were still unaware an became horrified of what was going on upstairs with their son after finding out.  When they did reach the teen upstairs. He had already taken an overdose and was slumped on the floor.

 But they were just in time to get him to hospital and save him.  The suicide note read: “I’m going away to do something I’ve been thinking about for a while then everybody will find out.” 

The officers of Theme Valley were honored for their life saving work.


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