Canadian Rising Singer 19 Killed By Coyotes

Canadian singer

Canadian Singer Taylor Mitchell











For Your Consideration,was her debut album in March and was just enjoying  her first major tour a few weeks ago.

But on Tuesday Taylor Mitchell, 19 music career was cut short tragically, after she decided to take a quick break and a hike in Cape Breton’s Highlands National Park.

As she walked alone on the Skyline Trail two coyotes attacked her a hiker heard her cries for help and quickly called 911.  Mitchell, 19, was airlifted to a hospital in Halifax, where she died early Wednesday.

She was still being mauled as the police arrived on the scene.  One Coyote fled in to the bushes. Although one was shot he stilled managed to get away. Later authorities sent out a hunt for the coyotes. One of the coyotes were killed while they continued to search for the other.

Authorities said it was a vicious mauling.  Her mother, Emily, was by her side at the hospital, said  Mitchell’s manager,Lisa Weitz.

Weitz quoted in Toronto The Star “She had just gotten her (driver’s) licence and her first set of wheels to take her on the road to the Maritimes,” said Weitz, choking back tears.

Taylor Michell was born Taylor Josephine Stephanie Luciow, grew up in the Roncesvalles area in west Toronto.

More on the story Toronto’s The star:–tragic-end-for-budding-music-star


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