7 Layer Whopper:Burger King Partners With Microsoft

Burger Kings 7 Layer Whopper in Japan (photo Burger King)

Burger Kings 7 Layer Whopper in Japan (photo Burger King)
















When you think of Microsoft do you think of a Burger?  Not really right? Well that didn’t stop Burger King from decided to help Microsoft promote it’s new Windows 7 with a 7 layer Windows whopper,  Thats correct a 7 layer Windows whopper.  But you might night get to try it it’s only in Japan.  You tube Burger Kings 7 layer windows whopper promotion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv2kLSSiwYI&feature=player_embedded

It looks like Burger King will do all it can to bring customers back in.  Not only have they decided on the 7 layer whopper promotion but they are also redesigning over 12,000 stores with a new modern look called 20/20.

  The new look is said to have a more restaurant feel with chandeliers and all.  I will admit I am not a big Burger King fan.  I will admit when they decided to FAKE their flame broiling. And yes I do believe they are no longer flame broiling. Even though there are lines.

I think their burgers are fried then thrown on a grill for the lines.  I grew up eating Burger King  back when their huge logo had a fat king with a tilted crown sitting on top of a whopper.  I left Burger King when their burger started to taste fried they no longer had anything to offer. 

Every blue moon I will visit when I’m out number and my family wants to stop.  But for me they are now like any other burger place. 

What do you think about Burger Kings new promotion and decorations? Do you think this will bring customers back in?

To Read More  Post Chronicle story: http://www.postchronicle.com/news/original/article_212260891.shtml


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