Jon Gosselin Being Sued By TLC

Jon Gosselin will be heading back to court for lawsuit brought by TLC.

Jon Gosselin will be heading back to court for lawsuit brought by TLC.










TLC has filed a lawsuit at the Circuit Court in Montgomery County, Md. The lawsuit alleges that Jon Gosselin has been appearing on pay programs and making disclosures about the show.  They are also saying he failed to follow thru on his contract as an employee for TLC  the “Jon and Kate Plus 8.

TLC is asking for the return of income he earned from the show because of the breech in contract. TLC also aks that he does violate any future contract agreements.  The lawsuits states that Jon or Kate were not suppose to discuss issues about their marriage in public.

TLC says efforts to compromise with Jon was no longer working. Jon has allegedly entered into a new contract  with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and ‘The Insider” to continue to discuss his marital issues with Kate.

 The suit also stats Jon broke his contract when he was sent a letter notifying him of an upcoming 6 day filming on Sep 24 in which Jon was a no show with no explanation.  After TLC announced on Sep 29 the show would be renamed to Kate Plus 8.

Jon responded to be released from his contract but wanted to still received his TLC salary.  I’m sorry but does it seem to you that in Jon’s mind he was a much bigger star with much more power than he actually has in reality?

When TLC didn’t honor his request Jon responded with the refusal of allowing TLC to film his The Jon and Kate Plus 8 show stating it was because he was concerned about the well being of his children.  Now do we see the truth?

So do you mean it really had nothing to do with his concern with his children? Wow, and to think I really believed he was sincere about his concern for his children.( secretly covering my mouth laughing)

A little taste of his own medicine: New York Times:

Read More:


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