Boy 6 Alone Floating in Helium Aircraft: Update Boy Found










At about 3:23 pm ET In FORT COLLINS. Colorado, Polices Deputies were still chasing a Helium ballon aircraft which is beginning to lose air and floating downward (is being reported at 6,000ft).  In hopes of getting a 6 year old,Falcon Heene, that climbed into the aircraft that belongs to his family.  live msnbc video:

It is being reported the the 6-year-old climbed into the aircraft that his father, Richard Heene had been building as an experimental aircraft.   The large helium baloon is about 20ft by 5ft and covered with tin foil., KUSA-TV reported.

 (reported by msnbc) Richard Heene, is an amateur scientist, according to a 2007  Denver Post article on weather chasers. He joined a retired TV weatherman, Scott Stevens, to form what a weather-research team they called The Science Detectives.

The main concerns for6-year-old Falcon, is how much oxygen he is actually receiving.  There is currently concern that the young boy may be getting too much oxygen which could be dangerous. They are hoping a special cabin inside the helium balloon aircraft has a compartment.

More on this story:

Update: 10/15/09 3:36pm

The helium aircraft balloon just landed in a padded field.  So far the balloon doesn’t have any signs of the 6 year old.  The rescue workers are still searching right now they are not sure which actions to take. Godbless he and his family.

Update 10/15/09 6:21pm ET

Falcon Heene was found safe in his home’s attic.  Read more msnbc:

Update: 10/16/09

Falcon Heene’s parents are now being interview and also questioned to find out if this was a publicity stunt.  Falcon Heene is now being referred to as the “Balloon Boy”.

(I will continue to update)


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