KFC From Healthy Grilled To Pack-em On Double Down

Let's get started:)

Let's get started:)

The unboxing

The unboxing

KFC's Double Down

KFC's Double Down

KFC's Double Down inside view

KFC's Double Down inside view

Thanks FoodGeekery
for all 4 photo’s
After KFC big promotion of the healthy Grilled Chicken for better choices and healthier eating.  KFC has thrown it out the window for possibly better taste but a pound packer sandwich called the ” Double Down. 

What is KFC’s Double Down? you ask.  “Double Down” — two slices of bacon, melted swiss and pepper Jack cheese, and “the Colonel’s sauce” What does one of these taste like? Well so far only the people in Providence R.I.  and Omaha Nebraska can actually give it at try unless your willing to take a nice family drive:)

But thanks to Foodgeekery we can kinda get an idea of what KFC’s “Double Down” is all about.  This is what FoodGeekery had to say about the KFC “Double Down

” : “That’s it?  That is the sandwich?  That’s not worth five dollars.    Oh… oh my God.  That is the best thing ever.  I don’t know what “Colonel’s Sauce” is, but it is like a party in my mouth.  This is completely worth the $5. Unfortunately I’m going to end up weighing 700 lbs after this, but it is simply amazing. http://www.foodgeekery.com/reviews/double-down-with-kfc/ ,


 KFC has not official released the calorie count on this sandwich yet.  But the Vancouver Sun decided to do a little calorie counting of their own.  The Vancouver Sun estimates the calories are about 1,228. http://tinyurl.com/ntx9bb

KFC public relations rep Rick Maynard came out with Double Down facts. Rick Maynard information on which type of chicken patties were used cut the calorie count down to 590

After that FoodGeekery’s review and the Calorie information, even though it is full of packing poundedge ( my new word).  I would still love to sink my teeth into one of KFC’s Double Downs.  I  can’t help but wonder if a made a call to one of participating KFC’s could I place a mail order:)  I’m sure I will probably have to wait an see if it makes my way.

UPDATE: April 12, 2010  Double Down is being sold in US KFC’s.

I’ve waited for the double down.  I hear the stories about the calories and fat, but I still would like to get a taste of this talked about KFC new sandwich “Double Down” If anyone has had a chance to stop over.  Please leave a comment on your thoughts of the Double Down Sandwich.  I will post mind:)

For more recent story on the Double Down: AP http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2886160/kfc_double_down_chicken_sandwich_debuts.html?cat=3


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