Brach’s Candy Farley and Sather’s: Come Clean

Original Brach's Starbrightmint noticed green leaf on wrapper

Original Brach's Starbright peppermint noticed green leaf on wrapper

This may not be an important issue to you but like Coke fans when they changed the Classic Coke to the so called ” New improved Coke” real fans of coke were not happy, of course there were those  who didn’t know the difference or care, but there were those who cared so much Coke Co decided to listen. 

 Well I hope that Brach’s Candy a branch of Farley and Sathers candy company, Inc, will also listen that’s why I would like to reach the true old fashion Brach’s starbright Peppermint candy fans.

 Those who could possibly come together and get the classic flavor back.  I believe  those true Brach’s Starbright peppermint Candy a branch of Farley and Sathers candy company, Inc.  loyal customers have noticed something different about Brach’s starbright peppermint. 

Yes, they changed the look but most companies give their products a new look ( Tropacani didn’t do so well, but that’s another blog story) the problem is they have changed the wonderful strong pepperminty flavor of the Brach’s Starbright peppermint flavor.

 I detected a alspicy or nutmeggy flavor coming from the once beloved Brach’s Starbight peppermint.  I grew up eating the Brach’s candy do they really think our taste buds tell us lies? My sister lived on Brach’s Starbright peppermints we always wondered might she one day take on a minty smell. 

 I have called Brach’s Candy a branch of Farley and Sathers candy company, Inc. to express my concerns about the new recipe, I even asked them if they could please add a classic Brach’s Starbright peppermint that would be the original falvor. 

 There was actually a hostile voice on the other end.  NO we did not change Brachs Starbright peppermints recipe. Everythings still the same and that was the end of the conversation. Well of course that didn’t stop me. It wouldn’t stop any determined loyal customer.  

So about two weeks later.  I went and purchased another bag of Brach’s Starbright peppermint Candy a branch of Farley and Sathers candy company,Inc. This time from another store about 20 min away.  The flavor was still strange so I attempted to call again this time I got voice mail. 

 I left a message with my concerns.  I received a call again stating that Brach’s Starbright peppermint Candy a branch of Farley and Sathers candy company,Inc,  Had not changed it’s recipe that it must have been a bad batch and they sent me a coupon to buy a new bag. 

Well the new design bag of Brach’s Starbright peppermint Candy a branch of Farley and Sathers candy company,Inc Still taste awful to me.  I don’t think it was a bad bag, I think it’s a new recipe along with their new look. 

 I have done Brach’s Starbright peppermint taste test over and over again new look starbright peppermint Vs Original Starbright peppermint.  The pic that’s listed is the original version if you notice on the wrapper there is a green peppermint leaf.

 On the new version of Starbright peppermint the wrapper doesn’t have the peppermint leaf (hmmm?)  and in my opinion its very sweet like the much cheaper peppermints and a very week peppermint but strong  alspice or nutmeg  taste.

 So please true  Brach’s Starbright peppermint Candy a branch of Farley and Sathers candy company,Inc fans stand up and do the taste test. Please tell me what you think you will probably have to search for the original because they are disappearing fast.  I’m only finding them in the Brach’s lose wrapped candy binds. They’re going fast..Sadly if we can’t stop it that once original super minty taste will be no more.

May 22, 2010 Update: 

I have emailed the blog and all of you wonderful readers and Brach customer comments.   If by chance they care about their customers opinions and would like to get your comments or have a message for you I will post it up on the blog but so far I have not gotten any responses from them.  If they do ask for your emails . 

I will contact you personally through yor emails you have left on the blog and ask for your permission if you would like to allow them to contact you.  Again thanks all of you for your comments.  Now I know that I’m not alone missing that wonder Brach’s original flavor.


44 thoughts on “Brach’s Candy Farley and Sather’s: Come Clean

  1. Yup. I just called Farley’s and Sathers about Brach’s Bridge Mix tasting stale and not very good, except the jelly ones. The rep advised the date code on my package was fresh, however earlier this year, they changed the chocolate recipe. The taste was not anywhere close to as I had remembered it in the past and I have eaten Brach’s Bridge Mix for over 50 years. Their marketing department is keeping track of complaints so let them hear from you. Maybe they will take the high road and use Brach’s original recipes. I don’t mind paying a little more for the real thing!

    • Hi J Scott,

      Thanks for visiting:). I’m so glad that you did. Why do they think that customers who have purchased something for many years will be so easily fooled when they change the recipe? We understand that the economy is bad. I agree I don’t mind paying a little more for something that I enjoy, but all customers want is for them to at least be truthful. Can’t trick someone’s taste buds especially when they have been a loyal customer for years. Here’s another loyal customer.
      Thanks again.

    • The malt balls and the bridge mix are not nearly the same! I am so unhappy! I used to refuse any malt balls but Brach’s…even bought them online in bulk when I couldn’t find it locally. Even the smell of the chocolate before I ate them was ecstatic…but now it is plastic tasting….not the same chocolate coating! The Bridge mix in the same boat…it definitely has a stale taste and partly because the chocolate coating is too waxy. Brach’s was the last candy of my childhood that had remained the same…and now it is gone!! I had tried Farley’s years ago at Walgreen’s when I could no longer get Brach’s…and now they have pulled Brach’s into their recipe rather than keeping it unique! PLEASE bring back brach’s chocolates!!!

      • Hi Dixie,

        Thanks for stopping by:) Yes I agree. The Brach’s candy that we once knew and loved is gone. I also loved their chocolate covered peanuts and clusters. Not any more the cheap version of the chocolate coating is overly sweet and waxy. I have moved on from Brach’s F&S are not fooling in of the true Brach’s candy lovers. If you find a great version of the candy you like please drop me note. I will try and share it with others. I now order KING LEO peppermint sticks they are as close to Brach’s as I can get.

        Again Thanks for visiting:)


  2. Hi. Found your blog while wondering when Brachs was bought out. My complaint is about the candy corn and harvest mix. I used to always buy Brachs (and strictly avoid Farleys because they tasted terrible, even thought they cost less) and was disappointed this year at the taste — then I noticed the stamp on the back of the bag stating that they were owned by Farleys. How disappointing!

    • Hi, JLt0515

      Glad you stopped by:) Thanks for that information. I didn’t realize they had been bought out. Now that you mentioned it I do remember Brach’s being a company by itself. I will try and get the dates then post it as an update thanks that was really helpful, now I understand more of what’s happening.
      Again Thanks

  3. For the last two years Brach’s Candy Corn leaves much to be desired. They are no longer smootheeeee….they taste just like the “crap”….yes, I said “CRAP”, that FARLEY”S produce. I intend to contact my consumer reporter, so she can do a report on it. They need to be shut down…..and don’t think “WE” as consumers can’t shut you down. People just don’t know…….until they buy, and open the bag. I intend to put the company on BLAST!

    • Hi Acqua Davis,

      Thanks for stopping by:) I’m so glad that you came a spoke out. That’s what’s needed when companies decide to change products quality but leave the same price as if consumers are to simple to notice. I tried simply to contact Brach’s and they rudely talked down to me as if I couldn’t tell the difference between their original peppermint vs the new overly sweet barely mint flavored peppermint. Please do contact your consumer reporter we consumers need all the help we can get we don’t have money to throw away.
      Thanks again.

    • Hi Jenny,

      I’m glad you stopped by to comment:). Thanks for sharing. We need to continue to let Brach’s know that we as consumers can tell the difference. I am contacting them with further complaints.
      Again thanks.

  4. I just purchased a bag of —-so called Brachs Autum Mix to decorate a table for a large brunch. What a surprise! ninety percent of the bag was stuck together and broken ——-and very ugly. After reading the bag I find that you cannot count on the Brach’s name anymore. I am only fooled once. No more Brach’s or Farley or Sathers or made in Mexico.

    • Hi Grammy,

      Thanks for visiting:) I am so glad you are speaking out. I have and so are many others. I will contact Brach’s again. This time they won’t be able to ignore more than one complaint. Maybe they will try and turn the company back into what it once were. A favorite american brand of many.
      Again Thanks

  5. Oh indeed they have been changing recipes and my guess is that they are changing Brach’s candy to make them as cheaply as they can while trying to deceive people into believing it’s the same candy.

    Since Brach’s was bought out by Farleys/Sathers, it’s no longer Brach’s and I have quit buying their products completely. Brach’s used to be good stuff for the most part. Now it’s just another second-rate candy company.

    The same fate befell my favorite malted milk balls (from Brach’s). I have eaten them for many years. A very good size malt ball with a reasonably thin coat of chocolate that was very creamy/tasty, etc. Now…??? It’s crap. It’s less malt and “chocolate” that is nothing but sugar, brown food coloring and perhaps shoe polish or car wax.

    In my mind, Brach’s is out of business. Farleys/Sathers is just using their name to try and peddle low-grade candy.

    • I agree completely with your response and was trying myself to figure out what happened to my Malted Milk Balls. I never bought Farleys candy because the taste was not good and Brachs was always great, but these changes have resulted in me not buying the one brand that I really enjoyed. The waxy taste of the Farleys brand is now the same for Brachs….if they would bring back Brachs formulas…I would gladly pay more for the product…but until then, I wont buy either.

  6. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for visiting,
    I’m sorry that one of your favorites, malted milk balls, has also been replaced with a imposter cheaper milk ball. I noticed the milk ball did taste awful but because I didn’t buy them as much.

    At first I thought it was my taste buds changing. But now that you have also told me your story. I’m sure it became a victim of Farleys/sathers cheap candy make overs.

    I am preparing a letter and this site to be sent over to Farley’s and sather’s I’m not sure that it will do much good but at least they will see the customers they have lost and know that consumers are not easily fooled.

    Maybe they will come back with original flavors even if it cost a little more. Or they will do nothing and except the fact that their customers will continue to drop off. Until like the original Brach’s candies Farley’s and Sathers will also disappear.

    I have to sadly say the store that carried the original Brach’s Peppermint has run out and now only carries the terrible minty nutmeg flavored imitation Brach’s peppermint.

    I have permanently switched over to russel stuffers they are as close to an original peppermint made with peppermint oil as I can get now.
    Again thanks for your comment.

    • For my whole life, since I was a child, whenever I wanted to treat myself, I always went for the Brach’s Milk Balls or chocolate covered peanuts. They were so delicious. Brach’s milk balls now taste like crap. Now they call them Malts. Yuck! The chocolate has totally changed. Well maybe this will help me lose weight, because I will not buy this candy! They say the chocolate hasn’t changed.If that were true, why have so many come to this site to complain about i?

      • Hi Denice Newton,
        Thanks so much for stopping and commenting:)
        So far they are sticking to their claim that nothing has changed with any of their candy. But I agree with you..we have not all come to complain for the fun of it. I believe each of us were once dedicated customers until they decided to change the taste of these candies and expect us to pretend we can’t tell the difference.

  7. Yes, this is true. I brought a bag and just kept eating and thought may be my cold was the problem, however today it hit me, something is wrong, I decided to go online and check if anyone else has notice and found this website. Could someone give me a phone# so I can call and chew them out, I grew up on Brach’s Peppermint now my children will not know the flavor. My grandmother always had some in her purse.

    • Hi Marylyric,

      I am so glad you stopped by. I am a big Brach’s Peppermint fan like you. And I don’t know how they thought tru peppermint eaters couldn’t tell the difference. I will look up the number and email you with it. I’ve sent them notice of the comments on this blog and will continue. They are quick to deny any difference and send out a coupon. But it still doesn’t change the fact it’s not the same Brach’s Peppermint candy it once was.
      Again thanks for stopping by I love to hear your comments:)


  8. My wife just bought a bag of Kentucky mints. The white outer pillow was hard and broke into small pieces. The mint flavour was weak. I used to pop about 8 in my mouth at once and the flavour would almost knock me over; my nasal passages and throat, upon breathing, would have that unique fun “burning” sensation, eyes would water and you would almost choke from all the flavour. Not any more! Weak. Weak. Weak.

    • Hi J Scott,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      I am hoping the Farley & Sathers will listen to Brach’s customers. Like you many of us have complained after discovering that what we taste in Brach’s candies are completely different from what we as loyal Brach’s customers had grown to love in our favorite candies. I thought Brach’s merged with Farley & Sathers but from a reader it seems they may have completely been bought out and if so Farley &Sathers can do what they may with Brach’s recipes. I am emailing them with this blog so that they may read all comments. I’ve tried calling but with every call I get a rudeness that they have not changed any of Brach’s original recipes. I guess they really want us to believe we all have lost are taste buds at the same time. ( I am updating the blog if F&S asked for your personal emails for your comments I will contact you personally for your approval. Thanks)
      Again Thanks for visiting:)


  9. Does anyone know what happened to brachs bridge Mix? I can’t find it anywhere anymore, its gone! It was my favorite candy and now i can’t find it. I have had to switch to Walgreens brand which is horrible and doesnt even come close to brachs. Did they discontinue it?

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for dropping by:) The next time I call up I will ask Brach’s. I haven’t seen it either now that you have brought it to my attention.
      Again thanks for stopping by.

  10. I, too, am a Brach’s peppermint addict. However, I am so sadly disappointed with the non-green leaf wrapped peppermints! They are like eating sugar with a hint of mint. However, the Brach’s with the green leaf are such a treat! I miss them so much! I buy them out of the bin and periodically there will be one or two in the bunch with the green leaf. What a difference! I want them back!!! Thanks for addressing this!

  11. To answer the above Bridge Mix “where to buy” question: Menards. I don’t grocery shop so I cannot confirm Bridge Mix is or is not available in our local grocery stores.

  12. Autumn Mix seems to taste like what I believe dead leaves would taste like-FLAT. Too bad first time consumers will not know the poor quality they have purchased, compared to the REAL Brach’s of decades past.

  13. I just happened on this blog post as my wife and I were just talking about how the Brach’s candy corn has not been good for the past several Halloweens. Someone told me today that Jelly Belly candy corn is good, so I’m giving that a try.

    Back when Brach’s was still Brach’s (before they became a part of Farley’s and Sather’s), I always liked Brach’s caramels much better than Kraft caramels, their malted milk balls better than Whoppers, and their chocolate covered peanuts better than Goobers. Not anymore! It’s so sad.

    When they tell you they are still using the “same recipes,” what they’re NOT telling you is that they are substituting quality ingredients for cheap ones. Artificial vanilla for the real thing, high fructose corn syrup for cane sugar, etc. It doesn’t matter what “recipe” you follow for anything: if you use cheap ingredients, the final product will be inferior.

    I always hated Farleys candy: it always tasted cheap. Sathers was basically just a repackager of other people’s candy. Now Brach’s is just as cheap and unoriginal as the companies that swallowed it up. So sad.

  14. I am so glad to have found this site. The last two years I have been wondering if my tastes have changed and maybe what I remembered to be candy corn was just idealized and a childhood memory! The last two years, gone is the sensation of creamy, gone is smooth texture only to be replaced by hard, waxy, icky taste! It is not the same, and now this year I waited and waited for it to hit stores, thinking surely my tastes would be back to normal, and yet, I find myself not enjoying it! Half the bag is broken (this never use to happen) the broken pieces are jagged and hard, and it just is not the same. I have bought my last bag (I probably supported most of the candy corn market prior to this) and will try ONE more bag next year…but that is it!
    Our office enjoys this treat and always insisted on Brachs as the other brands were “Crappy Corn”…now it is the Brachs that is being referred to as “crappy corn”!!

  15. I am also a Brach’s Peppermint addict. I keep them in my pocket to help get the taste of my other addiction, coffee, out of my mouth. I didn’t mind paying a little more for good candy. I’ve been buying the large bag from Wal-Mart for about three years. When I bought my last bag I noticed the packaging change, but I didn’t think anything about it. Then I ate one and thought maybe it’s just me. But my son ate one and asked me why I bought a different kind of mint. I guess this will cure my addiction. Anybody want a large bag of candy?

  16. I am very addicted to brachs peppermint and I am too so disappointed with the flavor..I then started by the safeway brand starlite mints and they were great for a while then they repackaged and reformulated it…it is awful I can not find a descent tasting peppermint anywhere…all tasting really cheap….no peppermint flavor at all//

  17. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I stumbled across this info. I have been saying that the Brach’s circus peanuts have not tasted the same for the past year or two and now I know why. I knew it wasn’t in my head. Brachs used to be the only kind I would buy. Not anymore. THey taste completely different. I am so sad.

  18. Hi. Farley’s Malt Balls Used To Be Great..Like B&B and Homemade Kitchen candies .. Such As Helen Elliott In NJ. But The Same Problems Have Befallen Farleys..( Bought Out I Believe By Mass Marketer Sathers)
    Even Whoppers At One Time Probably Melted In Your Hand! The Problem is THE CHOCOLATE..or rather the LACK OF REAL CHOCOLATE. Hershey’s took over Whoppers and do not use real chocolate..I suppose they consider it “REAL” unlike White “Chocolate” which does not contain Chocolate Liquior..But Hershey’s coating on whoppers no longer contains Cocoa Butter..Have you noticed you cannot buy A Hershey’s Krackel Bar alone anymore? Only in the bags of miniatures..and I hear the Krackel in them no longer has “Real Chocolate”in it. Perhaps it will end up like Coca Cola being made in Mexico!. (At Least Mexico Uses Real Sugar!!) I used to love Coca Cola..but no longer. I am not really sure if it is The Syrup..or the Carbonated Water Or The Pressure of The Carbonated Water They Use. I Used to buy the Coke Syrup By The Gallon from a Fountain Supply Store..and let me tell you..You Can Add any brand of Seltzer..Shop-Rite or any kind..and it comes about as close to an Old Time Fountain Coke As You Are Going To Find These Days… Even Though The Syrup Uses HFCS. All Natural Ingredients, huh??
    Mr Smokey

    • Hi Smoky

      So happy you stopped by and shared your experience. I am going to put an open letter to Brach’s with all of your and all of the other reader concerns. I will contact them to come along and read the blog and customers concern’s I hope they truly take in to consideration their loyal customers reviews. Maybe…hopefully Brach’s will care enough to bring back the original flavors.

      Thank you so much for visiting.


  19. Same for the candy corn. In the fall there was nother like the taste of Brach’s candy corn… the new candy corn is nothing like the original.

    • Hello, Mary

      It sure isn’t I agree. Their candy is so pasty and overly sweet now. I hope I get a response. I’m going to start this thing up again.

      Thank you for visiting.

  20. Agreed!! I know the difference even by looking at the new vs. the original mint. The new less minty and refreshing mints add circumfrence is rounded, the delicious original mints have a have a square ridge and are not so smooth to the touch. The recipe used now is considerably more sugary and FAR less minty. A waste of money as far as I’m concerned. I have had some luck buying the original stronger mints in bulk, but have not been able to find any prepackaged. However, just day before yesterday I went to buy my monthly amount from my local market that has, for the past 4 yrs carried the originals and found that all the brachs mints available there are now the sugary less refreshing version.

    Brachs, please don’t insult our intelegence. It’s not the same recipe, if you are no longer wanting to make the originals, fine… But don’t lie and say they’re the same.. They’re not.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree with you all the way. It’s definitely a difference and I do feel insulted that they felt it was okay to change the recipe as if customers of Brach’s original mints couldn’t tell.
      Again thanks

  21. I’VE been trying to fined Sathers Salted Pumpkin Seeds they’ve been around since the 70s or longer but haven’t been able to find them. And I’ve been trying to fined the Fizzy smarties candies where can i get them? I grew up with those candies so sorry to see the company is not doing well. Baby boomers will miss you. Thank you for listening. So sorry about the death in the family my heart goes out to the family.

    • Thank you so much for commenting. I don’t know how well things are going with sathers. It’s hard when we can’t find our favorites. I do remember the fizzy smarties the good old days. If I get a reply back. I will definitely post them up.

      again thank you

      • Yes things are much better. I will try and get back to blogging. I really appreciate your kindness:)

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