Why Do Some Woman Enjoy Breaking Up A Marriage or Committed Relationship?

I really would like to know what other women think about this subject. It seems to be the in thing to do in hollywood now.  What happened to boundries and Respect, and people being taught to respect relationships?  I’ve seen women who purposely go after married men or committed men.  I have heard the “other woman” talk and they love to make the female that looks happy hurt, I have heard them say they could ” take her man if they wanted”.  Is it so hard to put that energy in finding someone that’s available instead of using that energy for negativity?  I feel these woman are so miserable that when they see a woman that’s happy or even looks happy, they have to prove to themselves that these females are not happy and that their man doesn’t  really love them.  So they use energy to try and wreck a relationship.  Usually you can spot a woman like this when she comes outside half dressed when ever theres a married man or committed man around.  It seem they mostly wear as little clothes as possible when coming around the men.  Also they’ve usually singled out a couple.  I’ve heard “the other woman” speak about being the other woman. Usually they feel when they wreck the home that the wife wasn’t “woman enough” or “wasn’t doing what she needed to do to keep her man” there are many more excuses I have heard.  I haven’t found anyone that actually seem to have any morals or values or respect for anyone.  These woman seem to feel very good when they prove to themselves that the relationship that ended wasn’t that strong. It seems to prove to them the female really wasn’t loved.


3 thoughts on “Why Do Some Woman Enjoy Breaking Up A Marriage or Committed Relationship?

  1. I was ‘the other woman’, yes, I knew he was married, but, he came after me, I didn’t go after him. Based on what he told me, his marriage was over long before I came along, I was just a catalyst. Unfortunately for me, I bought his sad story-hook, line and sinker. The only thing he gave me was false hopes. The chances are slim to none that he and I have a future, I’m placing my bets on the ex-wife though.

    • Hi Shal, Thanks for Visiting:)
      Usually men or women that cheat are the approachers. Those are some of the signs that you mentioned, men/women complain about their wives/husbands, but yet are still living and married to them, usually their is a story of how bad the person at home is. It’s best to question the person, are they living with anyone or are they married. Watch for signs if they never take you to their home and their call patterns if you have to be on a schedule usually they are involved in someway or really hiding something. And when you find out that they are don’t continue to see them and wait around for heartbreak.

  2. I’ve learned a very hard lesson indeed. I would like to add something with the hopes it will discourage others from dating married people. Ask lot’s and lot’s of questions! Don’t give them a shoulder to cry on, be skeptical of their complaints, ASK QUESTIONS!

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