Amazing Love of A Mother With Cancer to Her Daughter

This Mother’s expression of love before she leaves this earth as she battles cancer is all that’s needed for this post. I asked her for permission to write this.  This is the link to her offcial website:

and Cydar Verrier’s Twitter:

My name is Cydara Verrier and I am terminally ill.

​This website has been created for the love of my daughter, Taylor.

Breast Cancer has now spread to my brain and lungs and with 8 tumors spanning both hemispheres, I’ve been told to get my affairs in order. I was told that 5 years won’t happen for me and the medical profession don’t know how long I have so I won’t dwell on such things and I intend to ride this life until the wheels come off, but as you can imagine, this has been devastating. My concerns now are focused solely on my daughter, Taylor.

I don’t have much to leave her, but what I do have are my photographs.

Every photo sold on this site will be shipped to you free of worldwide delivery charges, but know that every penny you spend will go directly to my daughter for her future. As a single mother, I want her to know and feel loved long after I have gone. Know in your heart that you’ve done a wonderful thing for her and that I will be eternally grateful to you for your kindness. You will be giving Taylor a massive hug and after everything she’s had to endure, she deserves so much love. She has been a tower of strength and so very brave and she is my heart and soul. If you’ve known me on Twitter @Outofleftfield_ then you’ll already know and understand how close Taylor and I are. We’ve been the team to end all teams and, with your help, that will continue. You will also own my work and that comforts me greatly. So many set up direct charity sites for their own ends and that’s simply not me. That doesn’t sit well with me at all and I have no need for money now. I also have a product to provide. One that will live on long after me.

If you have any trouble navigating to the Photos pages via MAC or your phone, then please go straight here;

Photography has been my joy and every photo you see here has been edited without the usual gimmickry of Photoshop etc. I don’t like my photos to look too perfect. That’s not how I see the world. That’s why I’ve always avoided industry standard software. Why would I want to be like everyone else? I studied photography back in the days of film and every photo I produce has been hand edited, literally, using apps, often several. If a black and white photo has color in it, I’ve added it using my finger. Light and shade too. You see London as I see it in my mind’s eye and it is and will always be magical to me.

All of my prints come on the highest quality archival paper. I will add new photos to this site whenever I can, while I am able.

Please click on the ‘Photos’ pages to make your selections and, from the bottom of my heart…..Thank you.


​Cydara XXXX


CEO Dan Price Of Gravity Payments The Story That Should Be #1


Dan Price CEO of Gravity Payments

Dan Price CEO of Gravity Payments


It’s hard to understand how a story as great as the one from  CEO Dan Price founder of Gravity payments demoting himself  to a 70k salary from a 1 million dollar one. Just to allow his employees to have all of their salaries to 70K even the secretary. Is still not trending at number one.  Gravity Payments should have become the number one business. Dan Price deserves to be the top story.  Why isn’t the name Dan Price or his business Gravity Payments breaking the internet.  Wouldn’t it seem that since most low paid workers constantly talk about their dislike of the low minimum wage ( and rightly so) that somehow more and more people would be Face booking  writing, instagraming or tweeting the names Dan Price and Gravity  payments?  Why wouldn’t anyone not hope to get their employer to maybe considered giving half of this type of raise or feel a twinge of guilt from having such low salaried employees.  What Mr. Price did is so unheard of,  (this is still so very unbelievable to me) The unselfishness of an executive to care about employees, families.  One Magazine saw something special in Mr. Price long before we heard of the CEO’s selfless act. Dan Price was named Entrepreneur of 2014 by Entrepreneur Magazine Dated December 2014:  click on the link to read that story:

For the full story on the wonderful Mr. Price check out huffpost story:

Action Packed: Marvel’s Release of The New Ant-Man Trailer: In Theaters July 17, 2015

I’ts easy to say Marvel has plenty of faith in their latest Marvel mini hero Ant-man So much so that they have done amazing things with promoting the film.  (Well they’ve had nothing but it blockbusters so far, nothing wrong with a little confidence)  Although I have their latest release trailer their very first was a mini ant sized trailer:  ok you can’t blink and try and stare directly into the middle of the video:

See told ya:) Now how much more creative can you get promoting A Marvel Ant-Man film besides having a Marvel Ant-Man sized trailer?

I’m already a Marvel fan (thanks to my Sons) Now I’m just as excited, when I hear Marvel has released another super-hero saga.  And from the  Marvel Ant-man trailer Marvel’s special effects again are just spectacular . I also enjoyed the difference in this Marvel movie. He’s not super smart or already a super hero but gets chosen. I don’t know Ant-Man’s full character story (have to ask my guys) but I like that it’s kinda different from the rest, oh yes..Michael Douglas:). and Paul Rudd aka Scott Lang aka Ant-Man really looks as if he’s going assist pulling off another blockbuster his comedic timing is perfect along with his awkward innocents of never being a super hero. (can’t pretend, that punch from Hope  played by Evangeline Lilly didn’t have me screaming with laugher) For more of the characters please see below and check out Marvel’s site for more on Ant-Man

List of Cast and Characters (credit

Marvel’s “Ant-Man” stars Paul Rudd as Scott Lang aka Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne, Corey Stoll as Darren Cross aka Yellowjacket, Bobby Cannavale as Paxton, Michael Peña as Luis, Judy Greer as Maggie, Tip “Ti” Harris as Dave, David Dastmalchian as Kurt, Wood Harris as Gale, Jordi Mollà as Castillo and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym.

More on

Please Check back for an update:)

The New “Popular” Redesigned Old Polaroid Instant Camera

Polaroid 660

Polaroid 660

I hope that I am not the only one that remembers this Polaroid 660 instant camera popular around the 2000’s (not absolute on the date). And if you remember there were several models that went even further back some models that you actually had to peel of the film and hope you didn’t peel it too soon:)). I’m saying this because I really had a chance to be amazed while shopping in Target today. I heard this really desperate debate with what appeared to be a preteen talking to her Mom. The amazing part was she told her Mom of this really amazing camera that actually printed out pictures. She could take pictures of her friends and get them right away and everyone was getting this camera that it was the best camera ever, her Mom wasn’t impressed, she said it sounded exactly like the old cameras her family had. (I had to smile) I couldn’t help but ask if they didn’t mind,  if they could tell me what kind of camera it was. The Preteen happily said it was by polaroid while the Mom had a none impressed look on her face. I thanked her and said I might go and take a look at it. Well I went to Target’s electronic section and I just had to share this. This is the new “Popular” camera that actually prints out pictures:

credit Target website

Polaroid 300 instant Camera $79.99

Well, Well, Well welcome back polaroid. Polaroid has done it again they’ve found away to get the newer generation to grasp on to instant printable pictures. Yes it’s in a new stylish shell.(I really like the look, I might get one for myself). I didn’t get to print out a picture but it did (not sure) appear to be a much smaller picture. I’m so excited about this new remake of the beloved instant Polaroid, well done Polaroid. Myself having a love of photography appreciates that finally this generation will start to use other electronics besides Cellphones and Mp3 players.(if music players are even used anymore) Maybe you have a younger one in your family that would appreciate this New (old to my generation) instant camera. Target’s price was $79.99 and came in black and blue a sales rep said they had pink once. I did check out Amazon and they had a Fuji instant 8 mini version that comes in pink, light blue and yellow (below):

Fuji instant camera 8 mini

Fuji instant camera 8 mini (credit Amazon site from  $69-$77


How fun to re-introduce this instant camera.  I hope some of you can find someone to share this with. I will update this when I actually get a chance to try one out.

Can Netflix Pull Daredevil The Series Off?

Netflix Marvel Daredevil series  Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock"

Netflix Marvel Daredevil series Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock as Daredevil

Matt Murdock as Daredevil

On Set

On Set

So what do you think can Daredevil pull it off as the newest hit? Netflix released it’s first episodes of it’s new series Marvel’s Daredevil on Friday April 10, 2015. With Charlie cox as Matt Murdock the blind attorney who has an alter ego Daredevil who cleans up New York Neighborhoods. Let’s say he doesn’t slack in the area of love. Not one but two love interest played by Debra Ann Woll as Karen Page and Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple. So far the Rotten tomatoes site has a 97% positive ratings from early fans of the series Rotten Tomatoes link: . I would say that’s a pretty good sign knowing that hardcore Marvel fans and movie viewers (myself included) can be turned off quickly by the first episode, yes we will try and give it a few more chances but if the first episode doesn’t give us viewers enough excitement to flip through the long list of movies to get to it most likely the excitement will wear off. Twitter seemed to light even on Saturday morning with positive feedback on the series.
Check out CNN’s review of the series:
Looking forward to your thought’s on the series.

Economy Fall Out Or Just An Angry Pizza Deliverer


Apparently not giving a tip to your pizza delivery guy is cause to have your door urinated on. That’s what happened to Chloe Teply when she didn’t give a tip to a (now) former Pizza Hut employee.    I always try to tip my pizza delivery person, waitress or whom ever has done a really great service.  But a person with a mature and open mind may take into consideration that there just might be a reason.  Let me list a few. (I’m sure some of you may have your own)

I just couldn’t spare it at that time( but if I couldn’t I would say next time I will double it)

Maybe the person had other things on their mind family problems…life.

Maybe someone gave them money to get a pizza and didn’t realize it wasn’t enough for a tip.

and my very last.

Maybe the person really didn’t do a great job of delivering very cold pizza, pizza smashed all around the carton, not the right order.  ( for some reason this guy might fit this catagory. I don’t know him so it’s only my opinion:).

I really don’t know what the reason but an adult this man should definitely considered maybe this person is having an economic crisis and just could a ford a treat for their family.

Take a look:

What’s your thoughts on this one.

Pittsburgh Clinic Killings No Hollywood Movie

Pittsburgh Shooting

If you live in Pittsburgh an stumbled upon what looks as if a hollywood movie crew setup, sadly it is no hollywood movie set.  Early Thursday morning a gunman opened fire inside  The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine psychiatric clinic in Pittsburgh, a shooting that left two people dead, including the gunman, and seven others injured, authorities said.

According to CNN  Mayor Luke Ravenstahl the gunman entered the door about 1:40 pm Thursday:

“This is a tragic day, a sad day, a senseless day,” Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said after the shooting at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.

City and hospital officials speaking at a Thursday evening press conference did not give the identity of the shooter, nor did they elaborate on what his motive might have been.

The assailant walked through the psychiatric hospital’s front door with a pair of semi-automatic handguns around 1:40 p.m., according to Ravenstahl.

Officers from the University of Pittsburgh police department arrived within “a matter of minutes” and “engaged” the gunman, the mayor added”

Gregory Bryant who was in the waiting room when the gunman entered explained how fear and panic broke out:

“We heard a bunch of yelling, some shooting, people yelling, ‘Hide! Hide!” he said. “Everyone’s yelling, ‘Stay down!”‘

Brant, 53, and six other people, including a young girl and her parents, barricaded themselves inside the waiting room. But he said they did not feel safe because there were doors with windows along adjacent walls.



“The way the room was arranged, if he (the gunman) had gone to either window and would have seen us in there, he could have done whatever he wanted,” Brant said.  For More

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center being listed in the U.S. News and World Report ranks as being the nation’s eighth-best psychiatric hospital.

A sad morning for some Pittsburgh family’s.  Prayers for your families.